Release: lighting “the stars” in the decoration

Designer launch is inspired in the universe

The feeling we have in a single moment can be unforgettable, it can be unique and never go away. It is the moments when you look up at the sky to watch the stars, while you sit and reflect on the things in life at a moment of introspection, allowing you to feel recharged and to be able to continue your tiring day-to-day. These sensations and moments must be present in the decoration of a home; after all, it is the home that embraces us with warmth and renews our strength.

The decoration has the power to cause you and your visitors these positive sensations. The lighting is what gives the final touch, providing comfort and tranquility. Together, they can even change your mood! This is the inspiration of the Brazilian designer Maurício & D’Avila, who created a world of light in ceramics and the  famous lighting piece Gaya.

“The first challenge was to create a piece for large high-ceilings places. It had to be a piece that was fun and at the same time had breathtaking features. My inspiration were the stars and the planets that orbit in space, bringing beauty to a space, “says D’Ávila. Precisely for this reason the piece is versatile and can be used in any type of room, adding charm to the overall decoration.

Mauricio explains that Gaya can be used vertically, with a pendency at each height or on its side, having different directions of light on both vertically or in cascades. But if the pieces of the lighting fixture are separated, which can be used as multiple pieces of lighting, it will provide more light and bring beauty and refinement to the space. In the outdoors, the pendant can be even more dynamic by making a connection between one space and another.

There is nothing better than the ability to just sit, breathe and watch the “stars” in the comfort of your own home. Lighting and decoration can make a room simple and yet beautiful through lighting that is also a decoration piece. You need to give your home  the style and energy that you desire.

Click here to see Gaya