Passion for contemporary design and quality, are the elements that make Geo Contemporary.

The company has now established a location in the United States and is now bringing their unique lighting products made in Brazil, signed by Brazilian’s Designers, to the American market.

Designer Mauricio D’Avila
Creative and innovative, Mauricio D’Avila is a ceramist specialized in lighting products. His products stand out for both their unique beauty and creative lighting effects.

The lamps are handmade with a high focus on sustainability and the design.
D’Avila feels strongly about his artistic designs and handmade manufacturing process “we have to continue to create and to value handmade process as they are the key to bringing new art work to the world.”

Maurício D'Avila
Designer / Founder

Brazilian designer and ceramist Maurício D’Ávila, owner of the Geo Luz & Cerâmica brand.